10 Trends That Are Killing Movies

We all know what they are, and most of the time, we all put up with them, shoving another couple…

Shaun Munro


We all know what they are, and most of the time, we all put up with them, shoving another couple of pounds into the studio’s pockets, entirely aware that they’re ripping us off, giving us the short shrift and laughing as they do so. It’s those trends that are created in the mind of crass, blandly unimaginative individuals looking to make quick money with the least effort possible, but we as audience members are also to blame, buying into their ridiculous trends time and time again, only helping to reinforce the creatively stagnant miasma that so often is mainstream Hollywood cinema.

Here are 10 trends that are killing movies…



10. Adapting Board Games

When a Battleship film was announced, there was a collective sigh the world over that I’m pretty sure registered on the Richter scale; had Hollywood run out of novels, songs, video games and theme park rides to adapt, that they’re now taking on board games, too? Granted, Peter Berg’s take on the classic military game was an absolute aberration that took ridiculous liberties with the property and basically turned it into a slick, sub-Halo military sci-fi film, but it’s still trying to make a buck on its immensely popular namesake. Thankfully, the film was a box office flop, hopefully proving to studios that they’re going to have to be a little more clever and inventive if they want massive box office returns.

However, that hasn’t stopped Ridley Scott, who is producing a film adaptation of…Monopoly. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about it, so we can quietly pray that it’s been cancelled, though we imagine with such a dynamite producer at the helm, that prospect is not likely. I mean, what’s next? How long is it before we end up with Hungry, Hungry Hippos: The Movie?