10 Unexpectedly Awesome 2017 Movies Everyone Thought Would Suck

A DCEU movie that was...good?

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

Isn't it great when Hollywood surprises everyone with a great movie that comes totally out of nowhere? Though this year has seen its share of disappointments with the likes of The Dark Tower, Alien: Covenant, Ghost in the Shell, Baywatch, Justice League and Suburbicon to name just a few, there have been just as many seemingly terrible-looking films that actually turned out pretty damn great.

These films invited low expectations for a number of reasons: perhaps the marketing was dull and uninspired, the cast and crew didn't invite much confidence, or it was simply a movie that shouldn't have worked at all on paper.

In the end, though, the doubters were proved thoroughly wrong in each instance, with several of these films ending up among the best big-budget studio releases of the year, while others simply delivered above and beyond what just about anyone was expecting.

A testament to the power of pessimism and the importance of keeping an open mind about upcoming movies that maybe don't look so hot, these films defied all the pre-release hate to deliver a great time at the movies...


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