10 Unforgettable Character Introductions In Movies

The first step's always most important.

Miramax Films

it doesn't matter if it’s for a villain, a hero or some fantastical beast with zero dialogue, the introduction to a character is just as crucial as the emotional impact of a death in determining whether or not they'll become cinematic royalty.

If you want to make a truly lasting impression with film fans, you have to make it quickly and spectacularly. That tends to mean the most memorably good are explosive or steeped in cool.

Unfortunately, there's also a second side to the coin. Some films try a little too hard to introduce characters in a cool, memorable way and end up over-shooting and achieving their goal for entirely the wrong reason. Because sometimes, those grand entrances are so laughably bad that they're just as unforgettable as the good ones.

And in the very worst cases, they ruin the legacy of entire franchises.

Either way, all of the most notable character introductions in movies prove that starting a journey off in the right way can be a quick tip for success. And when they get it right, they really get it right...


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