10 Unspeakably Awful Films Made By Oscar Winners

What goes up, must come down...

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One of the strangest phenomenons in Hollywood is the frequency with which critically acclaimed actors end up taking on terrible roles. Specifically, actors who have recently won an Academy Award going on to star in several unequivocally bad films.

Why does this happen? Are they so inundated with scripts after they have an Oscar sitting on the mantel that it becomes such a chore to actually read them that they just start signing on the dotted line everywhere in a panicked frenzy?

Is it the fault of their agents, who see that shining 10% commission and encourage their actors to strike while the iron is hot and agree to a number of questionable projects while they're having a moment? It's a mystery.

That's one part of the equation, but equally interesting are the actors who star in complete garbage early on in their careers, then are somehow able to transform themselves and transition into the sort of prestige films that get Oscar attention.

These are the more forgivable variety, because they can look back at their first days in Hollywood and cringe, but the world can still reflect on how far they were able to come. Still, this always involves a certain amount of schadenfreude.

Celebrities: they're just like us, and sometimes they exhibit terrible decision-making skills!

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