10 Upcoming Blockbusters You Should Be Worried About

Struggling under the weight of expectation.

Marvel Studios

Any discerning movie fan can generally tell if something is going to be a hit or not. In a time of saturated marketing, access to behind-the-scenes information and the rising influence of social media, opinions are often formed early on during production. As King Arthur, The Dark Tower and Valerian will tell you, bad buzz is a difficult thing to overcome.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the weight of expectation can be just as damaging. How many times has a movie been hyped up beyond belief, raising anticipation to fever pitch by the time it hits theatres, only for it to be a crushing disappointment? Far too many to mention.

Hollywood has found itself in a strange position where franchises create some of the most eagerly-awaited movies in history (The Force Awakens, The Avengers, Batman V Superman etc.), but in general the big-budget output is more generic than ever. Whether the movie is any good or not, there is an audience willing to pay for it either way.

Not everything gets to be a hit with the critics and the box office, and there are an unhealthy number of studio tentpoles under pressure from both bad publicity and growing expectations. Although they will generate billions at the box office between them, there are more than a few blockbusters in development that should give fans cause for concern.


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