10 Upcoming Movies Starring WWE Superstars

The wrestlers preparing to hit Hollywood's canvas.

the rock skyscraper

There's a lot of crossover between acting and professional wrestling. The latter is as much a performing art as it is a sport, which is why so many WWE stars have made the jump from the ring to the big screen over the years.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is still one of the most prolific, and highest earning, stars in Hollywood, while Dave Bautista has established himself as a key player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and powerslammed his way into other massive franchises such as Blade Runner and James Bond along the way.

Not all WWE stars make the ring-to-screen transition as seamlessly as these two. Take a look at Ted DiBiase's The Marine 2 or Hulk Hogan's entire acting if you want to know why the phrase 'wrestler-turned-actor' often sends eyes rolling at movie studios.

Despite the obvious similarities between the crafts, there's also a world of differences between acting and wrestling, but that isn't stopping the steady flow of WWE superstars who are swapping the canvas for soundstages.


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