10 Upcoming Movies That Will Change Your Mind About Actors You Hate

1. The Avatar Sequels - Sam Worthington

Avatar faces
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When Avatar was released and made all of the money in the world, it seemed inevitable that its stars would go on to mega stardom. It was, after all, a career-making gig, and for a while, it did push Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana to the top of the stratosphere (where Saldana pretty much stayed).

But alarmingly quickly, Worthington's story went off the rails a little. Thanks in part of Terminator Salvation and the awful Titans movies he didn't seem to be the lead he'd been in Avatar and the great projects dried up.

He must be delighted knowing that there's four more Avatar movies coming up - all of which he's attached to, thus far - because it's a ready-made career revival for him, and it should make him one of the biggest banking lead men in the next decade of movie releases. That should do wonders for the perception of him.

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