10 Upcoming Movies That Will Change Your Mind About Actors You Hate

Is it time for an Adam Sandlaissance?

Adam Sandler

For some actors, it's a truly wonderful thing about Hollywood that popularity and success can be a wheel. While you're not always at the top of the game, hoovering up paychecks and adulation, the nature of the industry means that sooner or later you'll probably get a chance to claw your way back up. All it takes is a single great decision - that one transformative movie performance that stops the rot and reminds everyone why you're in the game in the first place.

Just ask Matthew McConaughey, whose career was reinvented almost overnight, or Sylvester Stallone, who is now once more back in the ascendancy. Those revivals are exactly why actors keep plugging away, trying to catch lightning in a bottle again, and the list of revivalists could be set for some new, rather infamous names in the next couple of years.

Some actors are probably stuck there for a while yet: there's very little people like David Spade and Rob Schneider can do to change public perception, and you have to suspect that Lindsay Lohan won't find redemption in her upcoming private investigator/werewolf movie. As incredibly odd as that sounds.

But there are some actors currently in the Hollywood dog house who are in for a career revival soon, if their big chance movies go to plan, that is...

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