10 Ways Star Trek Just Isn’t Star Trek Anymore

Glossy, entertaining and good contemporary sci-fi films. But they just aren't Star Trek.

When the first Star Trek reboot came out in 2009 it brought a mixed reaction from the fans. There was no doubting that J.J. Abrams had put together a fun and entertaining movie, but something didn't sit right. It was good, it just wasn't quite Star Trek. But then Into Darkness came out and everything fell apart. Where there was a whole universe of stories to be told the producers decided instead to reference old characters and old scenes but without respecting the source material. It was like a French and Saunders pastiche. There were lines given to other characters, personalities changed and whole sections of canon thrown out the airlock. Some may be necessary if the intention is to go in a completely new direction, as previously written about, but you still have to be respectful to the source material. There are those, even among the biggest fans of the original series and the various spin-offs, who will absolutely love both of the new films. They are fun blockbusters with high production values, good actors and impressive CGI. Glossy, entertaining and full of all the plot points you would expect from a modern sci-fi film. Except it's just not Star Trek. The characters may have some similarities to their original incarnations but the world they inhabit is not the one of Gene Roddenberry's imagination. This is not the utopian future of a peaceful society we were promised and Star Fleet has something rotten at its core. Not everyone will agree with this list and some might prefer the new movies so feel free to sound off in the comments. Let's have a look at 10 ways this just isn't Star Trek anymore.

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