10 Ways To Reinvent The Batman Film Franchise After The Dark Knight Rises

With Christopher Nolan drawing his epic trilogy to a close with The Dark Knight Rises, WhatCulture takes a look at 10 possible ways that Batman could be reinvented on the big screen.

Stephen Leigh


As summer fast approaches, so does the concluding part of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy. Finally hitting cinema screens on the 20th July, few films are as eagerly anticipated as The Dark Knight Rises, which promises to give superhero fans one of the greatest interpretations of Batman that they’ve ever seen.

One question which remains is how Warner Bros can possibly continue to bring Batman to the big screen following the conclusion to Nolan’s trilogy. Will they simply go the route of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man by taking us back to square one with another origins story ? Or could they be planning to simply pick up the story of Bruce Wayne where Nolan’s film leaves off ?

Whatever happens, it’ll be a good few years before we find out what the future holds for Batman. One thing is for sure however – his return to the big-screen is inevitable, thanks to the enduring popularity of everyone’s favourite moping playboy and the success of superhero blockbusters. As speculation continues to build, here’s just 10 of our own suggestions for ways in which the Batman film franchise can be reinvented on the big screen in the wake of The Dark Knight Rises.