10 Ways To Spot A Time Traveller

A simple guide to recognising the future men of tomorrow.

Brad Williams


This Friday will see the release of Rian Johnson’s eagerly awaited time-travel-mind-screw, Looper.

The film tells of two men, one a modern day contract killer and the other a future version of the former, who come together after one is hired to kill the other. It is a story that is guaranteed to blow your brains out and then dance on the skull fragments.

Johnson will, no doubt, play around with and make homage to the conventions of popular time travel lore, and we can expect to see some very interesting inversions as Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt duke it out for the title of time lord. But believe it or not, there are actually a series of pre-established ‘cliques’ for this style of niche storytelling.

From Beastmaster 2 to Field of Dreams, most cinematic outings into the world of time travel follow very similar paths. Because of these, it is now quite a feasible prospect that one might be able to identify a time traveller. What follows are 10 ways in which you can do so.

Strap in, fire up your flux capacitors and get ready for a bumpy ride. Because where we’re going, the roads all have potholes in them.