10 Worst Movies Starring Justice League Actors

Gal Gadot's come a long way.

Keeping Up With The Joneses Gal Gadot

Everyone's had time to catch Justice League by now (though going by its soft box office numbers, maybe not), and while the film's mixed response is undeniably disappointing, it's still fascinating to see the various career moves that have brought this cast together, for better and for worse.

Like just about every actor working in Hollywood, Justice League's cast have suffered through their share of indignities over the years, be it unfortunate early roles they'd rather forget, to parts that read completely differently on paper, and of course, those blatant, unapologetic paycheck roles.

For the sake of fairness, this list won't include any movies from the DC Extended Universe itself, because Batman v Superman would certainly earn a prime spot.

Rather, by combing through each actors' careers, be they still on the rise or have decades of experience behind them, it's possible to single out the real, unmitigated disasters they'd love to scrub from their filmographies...


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