100 Greatest Comic Book Films Of All Time

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Matt Aspin


Joss Whedon’s awe inspiring The Avengers blasted its way onto cinema screens with the impact of a Hulk punch in April and has to date raked in $1.4 BILLION worldwide, making it the third biggest movie of all time. Perhaps it may prove to be the pinnacle of the genre, the first time we had experienced a multi-cross over comic book film universe and things will never get this good again.

But the comic book genre has not always been as good as this. Usually your favourite comic is butchered and changed beyond all recognition making you curse the very day you heard it had been sold to Hollywood for a ridiculous sum of money. Therefore it was with some apprehension that we at What Culture sat down and complied this list for you – the top 100 comic book adaptations ever.

Sure it was easy enough to name all the recent box office smashes but in order to create such a comprehensive list we had to sit through some of the worst titles too. So spare a thought for our fragile minds as we present you with our findings. And why not have your say at the end? Have we missed your favourite movie? Do you disagree with our top choice? Should Batman and Robin be in the top 5? We always love to hear what you think about our features so sound off below.

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