11 Movie Spoilers We Didn’t Know Last Week (April 18th)

So long, Jane Foster.

Marvel Studios

It's been a huge week for movie spoilers, especially as far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes: we've got Civil War tidbits as the release date looms, surprise casting announcements for future movies, and a further glimpse at the roadmap moving forward as we inch closer to the release of the Infinity War saga.

That's not all, though: some of 2017's biggest movies doled out plot and character morsels as CinemaCon took over Las Vegas this past week. Though the actual footage shown off has sadly been kept under wraps at the conference itself (some potato quality mobile phone videos notwithstanding), the announcements have still left us with plenty to be excited about for the future.

Here are 11 movie spoilers we didn't know last week...

11. This Is What Baron Zemo Looks Like In Captain America: Civil War

Marvel Studios

Even though the movie has begun screening for critics, easily the biggest question mark surrounding Captain America: Civil War is the presence of Daniel Bruhl's villain Baron Zemo.

Well, we finally know what the character looks like now, donning a far more "grounded", suited appearance compared to the rather ridiculous purple hood he dons in the comics.

On one hand, this could result in Zemo being a breath of fresh air compared to the string of mediocre villains the MCU has trotted out recently, though naturally some comic book purists may wish that this interpretation hewed a little closer to the source material.

Early reviews indicate that Bruhl does a rock solid job, though, so there doesn't seem to be much to worry about.


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