11 Things You Learn Rewatching Dr. No

11. It's Pretty Damn Racist

Dr No Quarrel
United Artists

Though Dr. No certainly isn't the most egregiously racist of all the earlier Bond films, this is probably the aspect of its production that shows its age the most blatantly. If you haven't seen the film recently, you might be left quite taken aback by it.

While it's not terribly surprising that Bond (Sean Connery) encounters mostly black people on his mission in Jamaica, do they all need to be in such overtly subservient and unflattering roles (namely waiters and help staff)?

More to the point, Bond's local pal Quarrel (John Kitzmiller) is a bug-eyed, rum-drinking, loud-mouthed caricature of an "exotic islander", who Bond flippantly asks to fetch his shoes, and of course, Quarrel duly complies.

And that's to say nothing of perhaps the film's most offensive choice, to cast the Canadian - and decidedly not Asian - Joseph Wiseman to play half-Chinese, half-German villain Dr. No. Make-up effects have clearly been applied to Wiseman to make him look "more Asian", which to just about any modern viewer is totally embarrassing.


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