12 Actors Who Did Career Worst Work In 2018

John Travolta should be embarrassed about Gotti.

John Travolta Speed Kills
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Hollywood is an unquestionably brutal industry where careers can be broken with just one or two bad choices.

Actors can go from superstardom to the VOD basement in a few short years, and as many of these 12 actors have proven, it can be incredibly tough to claw your way out once you end up there.

But whether these actors are taking easy paychecks on the home video market or have flamed out in high-profile theatrical releases, each gave by far the worst performances - yes, sometimes plural - of their respective careers.

From regularly-panned "comedians" who plumbed new depths to Oscar-nominated former A-listers picking up scraps wherever they can, each of these performers served up their most depressing and uninspired work to date in 2018.

While in some instances these slumming actors already seem set for a rebound with their next project, others could dig themselves even deeper over the next year. But for now, this is their undeniable artistic rock-bottom...

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