12 Bad-Ass DC Movie Scenes That We Almost Got To See

The Joker Versus Harvey Dent? Brilliant.

Joker Harvey Dent
Warner Bros.

Sometimes it feels like there are more Batman films that we didn't get to see than ones that actually did come out. Over the course of the few decades that he's been a cinematic presence (after an extended period of failed opportunities and rejections), we've almost seen adaptations of Year One, The Dark Knight Returns and that one Adam West 1970s script about aliens...

The same can be said of wider DC movies too: there have been near misses and missed opportunities that would have completely reshaped the history of the comic book publisher on the big screen. Some are probably best left unexplored, but in amongst those canned projects and alternate versions of finished movies, there are some scenes that sound like they could have been absolutely outstanding.

Even in the most bonkers sounding projects, there are some stand-out gems, that would have seen heroes fight, heroes fall and the returns of at least two of the Jokers. While it's inevitable that not every great idea in Hollywood can make it, it's a shame some of these weren't repurposed and put into the films we actually got to see. Especially considering someone at Warner Bros genuinely thought Halle Berry's Catwoman was a good idea.

Want to know what you could have won? Stick around.

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