12 Biggest Retcons In Star Wars Movie History

WHO shot first?!

Greedo Star Wars

It's a sorry realisation but creative messing is as much a part of Star Wars movie history as spaceships, blasters and the Force. The franchise is one of the chief examples that proves that creators can and will do whatever they like with their own art, regardless of the impact it has on the fandom. And why should they care, really?

Over the years - and before Disney came in and started their own era (partly by immediately casting aside the Expanded Universe) - George Lucas has made myriad changes to his own films, updating scenes digitally to "improve" things and pissing off just about all of its fans in the process.

And it isn't just technical changes he made: thanks to the quirk of releasing the prequels second and an essentially devil-may-care attitude to the sanctity of his own story logic, Lucas made sweeping retcons that ranged from the miniature to the enormously impactful. And we were all just forced to accept them, even when they opened gaping plot-holes.

Basically, by now, LucasFilm basically has a PHD in tinkering...

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