12 Extreme Horror Movies You Need To See Before You Die

4. Evil Dead Trap (1988)

Leave it to the Japanese, the only filmmakers more exuberant than the Italians, to make a sick and twisted movie that starts out like a run-of-the-mill slasher and ends with one of the most outrageous twists you€™ve ever seen. Just like the 80s Italian gore films, you don€™t admire the proceedings for their logic and originality, but for the succession of startling set pieces set to a memorable score. When what purports to be a snuff film arrives on the desk of a ratings-hungry TV presenter, she and her crew journey out to the deserted army base shown on the tape, unaware that it€™s home to a sicko with a penchant for torture porn. When these idiots decide to split up and wander off alone down dark corridors, that€™s when the movie shifts into high gear. The first to be toe-tagged (somewhat predictably) is the lascivious production assistant who€™s skewered by spikes that inexplicably burst through the walls and floor, a sequence sure to captivate fans of Argento€™s Suspiria. All that€™s missing are the black gloves.
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