12 Extreme Horror Movies You Need To See Before You Die

2. Red, White And Blue (2010)

Released in the same year as the Elm Street remake, Simon Rumley€™s movie would, in a fair world, have blown that turkey out of the water and bagged a few awards in the process. It€™s a simple story of how 3 very different people meet and how their choices result in escalating violence. When aspiring rocker Franki (Marc Senter) realizes he€™s contracted HIV from the promiscuous Erica (Amanda Fuller), he snaps and kidnaps her, little realizing that she has a platonic friendship with Nate (Noah Taylor), an Iraq War veteran skilled in interrogation. Billed as a €œslacker revenge movie€, Red White & Blue is, simply put, the best written, best acted and best directed movie you€™ve never seen. After playing a few festivals, it disappeared before eventually resurfacing on DVD with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever €“ the critics were too busy gushing over Paranormal Activity and Insidious to notice.
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