12 Horror Movie Sets That Were Definitely Cursed

This is what happens when you dabble with the devil.

Screen Gems

A strange incident or two on a busy movie production is to be expected – an on-set accident here, technical difficulties there, perhaps an older cast member dying before they get to see the finished movie. But sometimes, when these weird incidents pile up during a particular production, it gets you thinking that perhaps there’s something a little more sinister at work.

The idea of a cursed movie is now part of cinematic folklore and it seems the scarier the movie, the more likely its cast and crew are to experience some unusual goings-on. Hence a lot horror films that are already dabbling with dark subject matter allegedly become host to their very own curse.

For the cast and crew of the horror movies coming up life really did imitate art and they found themselves living their very own and very real horrors, plagued by otherworldly experiences and unexplained phenomena, demonic presences and even death.

The sceptic in you might say that these cursed movie productions and on-set hauntings are merely the product of coincidence, overactive imaginations and exaggerated movie lore.

But where’s the fun in being cynical? Embrace your inner believer and join us as we look at Hollywood’s most haunted films, ranked from possibly-maybe just a little bit haunted to one hundred per cent, undeniably beset by evil satanic forces.


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