12 Most Ridiculous Biopic Castings Of All Time

12. Lindsay Lohan - Elizabeth Taylor (Liz & Dick)

Liz And Dick Beau Brummell
Lifetime & MGM

Lindsay Lohan may boast a shapely figure and possess the ability to dye her hair raven-black, but that's pretty much where her similarities to screen legend Elizabeth Taylor end.

The troubled actress nevertheless starred as a young Taylor in the dreadful Lifetime TV movie Liz and Dick.

Even if you can forgive the fact that she never graduates beyond just looking like Lindsay Lohan playing dress-up, her performance is a shambolic attempt to impersonate the star while presenting none of her class or soul.

Lifetime most likely knew what they were doing here, stunt-casting an on-the-skids Lohan with the hope of gaining some social media traction. It worked for a fleeting moment, though six years later it's been long forgotten.


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