12 Movies You Didn’t Notice Were About Mental Illness

1. Gone With The Wind

Though she might be hailed as one of cinema€™s greatest heroines, behind Scarlett O€™Hara€™s plucky, tenacious side was a selfish, quick-tempered and melodramatic woman determined to get what she wanted even if it means trampling on those around her. If a modern day psychiatrist were to counsel Scarlett today and she confessed, oh I don€™t know, how she blazed her way through three husbands (one of whom she stole off her little sister) or repeatedly tried to seduce a married man despite his rejections, they might just diagnose her lack of empathy and inability to stick with a husband for longer than a few seconds as textbook antisocial personality disorder. But why stop there? Her constant melodrama, need for attention and inappropriately seductive behaviour are also classic symptoms of histrionic personality disorder too. Let€™s just say Scarlett would probably be on the psychiatrist€™s couch for a lot longer than the allotted hour.
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