12 Questions You Should Be Asking About Upcoming Movies

So why didn't Nick Fury page Captain Marvel earlier?

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Movie hype is now an industry in itself. It's no longer enough for studios to release a few trailers and a poster and then expect audiences to flock to see their films: they have to feed the beast.

Luckily for them, the age of the Internet has changed how films are consumed by fans and those communities now whip up so much excitement and discussion ahead of release that all the studios really need to do is tease them and then sit back and watch the ensuing blossoms of hype. That's why questions about upcoming movies are so valuable to them and it's why marketing is as much about what they don't say as what they do.

And it's not just a matter of asking what happens or how it all ends: in fact, some of the biggest upcoming movies have FAR more interesting questions than that hanging over them...

12. Will It Tie To A Batman Movie? - Joker

Joker Joaquin Phoenix
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So far, we've been primed to expect that Todd Phillips' Joker origin movie will be a stand-alone set apart from the franchise formerly known as the DCEU and indeed from any other movie. It seems to have been marketed as a sort of DC Elseworlds project - a cinematic one-shot, in other words, but that doesn't mean that's what the film is actually going to be.

The film has already cast the Wayne family - including a young Bruce Wayne - and it seems illogical to think that we won't see any fallout with that Bruce from the Joker's presumably destructive dynamic with his father. This might actually end up being a new origin for Batman entirely, and we should probably start asking whether Matt Reeves' Dark Knight will be the same one as Phillips seeds.

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