12 Talented Actors Who Just Made 3 Bad Movies In A Row

11. Patrick Stewart

Sony Pictures Animation

Though he doesn't work as much as he once did, Sir Patrick Stewart proved in Logan that he is an incredibly gifted actor. He has almost thespian presence and even playing a fragile version of Professor X, he was commanding in a way that most actors can only dream of.

However, since Logan, he's hit a bit of a skiddy run, starting with animated monkey movie Spark: A Space Tail, which he followed up with the pretty much unwatchable Emoji Movie (never forget, he played an actual poop emoji) and then finally, most recently he was in Damian Harris' The Wilde Wedding. None of that was anywhere near the quality an actor of his standing should be associated with, even if he's still the stand-out things about them all.

Hopefully, the opportunity to play Jean Luc Picard again in his own Star Trek series (coming at the end of 2019) will give him a bit of a revival.

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