13 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Need To Be Turned Into Movies

1. The Christmas Eve Tragedy Of The Sodders


A father of 10 children in West Virginia watched as his house burned on Christmas Eve of 1945. After helping his wife and four of their children escape the flaming home, he attempted to go inside to rescue the others.

What he found was that the ladder he always kept against the house was missing, the water from the rain barrel had turned to ice, and his truck wouldn’t start. He was forced to do nothing as five of his children, ages five through 14, burned to death.

But once the fire died and they re-entered the smoldering home, no remains whatsoever were found. More than 20 years later, in 1968, an envelope came in the mail with a photograph of a young man that looked eerily like a grown-up version of one of the deceased sons. His name, Louis Sodder, was written on the back.

How Would The Movie Look? The tale of the Sodder children is chilling all the way through, not to mention the fact that the mystery spans decades and remains unsolved to this day. It would take a Martin Scorsese-style epic to do this story justice, as possible mob-connections and stunning violence are both a huge part of the case when you dig deep down.

If the film flashes between the fateful Christmas Eve of 1945 and the ensuing search by the Sodders to find answers, this could be an Oscar winning movie that no one would believe is based on a true story.

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