13 Great Actors Completely Wasted In MCU Movies

13. Michael Stuhlbarg - Doctor Strange

Marvel Studios

The Role: Dr Nicodemus West

As fans of Call Me By Your Name, The Shape Of Water, Fargo and pretty much everything he's starred in to date will attest, Michael Stuhlbarg is an incredible actor with range that makes diverse roles in Steve Jobs, Seven Psychopaths and Men In Black III somehow all coexist effortlessly on the same CV.

So adding him to Doctor Strange's cast always looked like a smart move. It's just a shame that he's essentially lumbered with a nothing role who essentially exists to make the maverick surgeon look better. He's no more than a narrative patsy, who we're encouraged to like even less than the arrogant, aloof Strange (which actually works because of his complete lack of depth) and it's almost criminal how little an actor of his ability is given to do.

In the grand history of the MCU's unfortunate beta male complex, he might be the most egregious.

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