Released in 1999, The Matrix was a huge hit for Warner Bros. It set a trend for long leather jackets, dark glasses, moody expressions and of course, bullet-time cinema. I was working in a multiplex when the film came out and I remember people walking out of the screen and trying to avoid bullets in slow motion and damaging their backs in the process.

It is considered by many as a flawless masterpiece. But it was mentioned in the ace Channel 4 sitcom, Teachers (yes this show ended eight years ago… but better late than never) that astonishingly there are 138 mistakes in the Matrix. In the world of movie bloopers, that is a huge number. So I sat down and made it my life’s mission to see if this was correct so you don’t have to.

Watching the film in slow motion (a task that should only be undertaken by those with a strong constitution) I cross referenced every blooper with those that been listed by eagle-eyed fans on other websites. I found that some were indeed mistakes but most were not and had a logical explanation. Also, some bloopers had been edited out by the filmmakers when the film made the jump to DVD, most notably a super-blooper where you see one of the Wachowski’s hands when Neo is opening the FedEx parcel in his office, so that could no longer be classed as a mistake.

However, it turns out Teachers was correct, there are 138 mistakes in The Matrix. So prepare to wish you took the blue pill and have the film ruined forever as I take you through a frame by frame breakdown of the most complete list of every mistake/blooper and plot hole in The Matrix.

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This article was first posted on November 4, 2012