14 Awesome Directors Who Need A Superhero Movie

A Tarantino superhero bloodbath? Yes please.

Quentin Tarantino Death Proof
Dimension Films

With the superhero genre being more popular and successful than ever before, it's safe to say that the conveyor belt on which comic book projects are being churned out is only speeding up.

With Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. and Fox in particular trotting out several superhero films per year in the pursuit of lucrative cinematic universes, there's going to be more opportunity than ever for talented filmmakers to land some tasty pay-days dabbling in this genre.

Now, not every acclaimed filmmaker will necessarily fit well with the demands of a big-budget studio superhero film, but with Marvel especially taking some successful recent gambles with on-the-rise indie talents, the criteria for a comic book director is no longer as narrow as it once was.

David Fincher probably wouldn't be a good fit for most comic book fare, for instance, but there are a ton of directors, both fully established and fast-rising, who could do fine work in the genre, either as part of a large universe or doing their own standalone thing far away.

Don't be surprised if a number of these brilliant filmmakers end up with their own superhero movie before long...


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