14 Awesome Recent Movies That Actually Deserve Sequels

The sequels you would definitely see.

Mad Max: Fury Road
Warner Bros.

Hollywood is an industry undeniably propped up by sequels, because why come up with an original idea when you can just rehash an existing story and characters for easy financial returns?

To that end, we've already discussed which awesome recent movies should never, ever get sequels, but what about those few great movies that have actually left audiences desperate for a follow-up?

Not all sequels are indicators of creative bankruptcy, of course, and when the right creative minds are in charge of an organic idea that isn't lazily cobbled together, sequels can be as magical, if not more so, than their predecessor.

These fantastic movies from the last few years, several being sequels themselves, have left fans anxiously craving another go-around, and if the studios involved want to make some easy cash, they'd do well to get them greenlit with a returning cast and crew as soon as possible.

Not all sequels are created equal, and these prospective follow-ups have the potential to be bonafide classics...

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