15 Early Predictions For 2018 Oscars

Oscar glory for Star Wars?

Mark Hamill Star Wars The Force Awakens Oscar
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The dust has barely settled on the mayhem of the 89th Academy Awards, but studios are already busy preparing their releases for the next Oscar season, which typically kicks off in September all the way through to February's eventual ceremony.

With a number of awards hopefuls already starting their festival journey while others enter the final phases of post-production and some are prepped for more Oscar-friendly Christmas-time releases, it's already easy to take a stab at what the Oscar picture might be a year from now.

Sure, it's a shot in the dark and the complexion of the race will change drastically when movies that aren't even announced yet end up joining the pack later in the year, but that makes it no less fun to theorise what might rise to the top at year's end and make it to the finish line twelve months from now.


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