Greetings What Culture readers! My name is Savage Ron, and I’d like to welcome you to my first post. After months of coming up with a great idea for an article submission, only to be beaten to the punch by someone else with a damn near identical article, I finally got one, and here it is: The Top 15 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013!

Yes, it’s only October, and yes there are still 3 films from this year’s most anticipated list that haven’t yet been released (Skyfall, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and Django Unchained), but it’s never too soon to look ahead to the AWESOME slate of movies heading to our screens next year. While 2012 has been a pretty decent year for films so far, even with the glut of superhero films and sequels, I think next year could end up looking like 2009, in terms of out of nowhere surprises and good ol’ original sci-fi – something that has been lacking in recent years, at least good examples anyway.

Side note – the top 4 are all wholly original scripts; number one was actually my number two most anticipated of 2012, before it got pushed back til ‘13. That’s the only hint you’ll get, so you must read on to see which movies we’ll all be talking about next year, and should already be looking forward to.

Honorable Mentions:
Monster’s University, The Great Gatsby, World War Z, Oldboy (remake), Stoker, Oz The Great and Powerful

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This article was first posted on October 19, 2012