15 Most Exciting Netflix Original Movies Coming In 2019

14. First Ladies

jennifer aniston mothers day
Open Road Films

Tagline: A political comedy about the first female president of the United States and her wife.

Back in May 2018, Netflix announced that they had optioned a new political comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Tig Notaro as the first female and first openly gay president of the United States (take that Trump).

The official tagline released with the initial announcement is as simple as it is compelling: "When Beverly and Kasey Nicholson move into the White House, they’ll prove that behind every great woman… is another great woman." Let's hope it's more like Aniston's Dumplin' than the inevitable awfulness of Murder Mystery that sees her reunite with Adam Sandler.

Luckily, it has Tig Notaro behind it, who created One Mississippi and that should be reason enough to be excited.

Release: TBC

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