15 Most Highly-Anticipated Blockbuster Movies In History

15. Independence Day


It isn't hyperbole to say that Independence Day is one of the most important summer blockbusters ever made. These days, big-budget movies are promoted across all forms of media almost to the point of saturation, whereas in the past all people really had was a trailer on which to sell their product to audiences. Independence Day took that basic concept and ran with it, inadvertently changing the way blockbusters were marketed forever.

In the space of one thirty-second Super Bowl commercial, Roland Emmerich's sci-fi rocketed to the top of everybody's must-lee list. One of the most famous trailers ever made, the first Independence Day promo both popularized ending TV spots with a spectacular 'money shot' and kicked off the trend of studios paying millions to air movie promos during the Super Bowl. The next day at the water-cooler, all anybody could talk about was Independence Day.

The huge promotional push made sure everyone was aware that Independence Day was on its way, and the anticipation had reached fever pitch by the time it was finally released on July 3, 1996. After six months of build-up and product placement deals with everyone from Apple to Coca-Cola only increasing awareness among the public, audiences flocked to see it and the movie broke numerous box office records on its way to a worldwide total of $817.4m, making it the second highest-grossing movie in history in the process.


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