15 Most Paused Movie Moments Of 2017

Tentacle sex: better when paused...

Atomic Blonde Sex Scene
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What with the continued rise in the culture of Easter Eggs and the eternal agenda to shock and entertain, film-makers want audience members to appreciate every single frame they put together. So advanced is the visual technology of film - with rapid improvements in picture quality even now - that every brush stroke matters and nothing can be hidden now. If they try, you just know that some eagle-eyed film fan would find it immediately and plaster it all over social media.

In that respect, film-makers and their teams have now taken to really pushing those hidden and stunning moments in movies that actively encourage fans to go through their films frame-by-frame.

And of course, the pause button still allows fans to celebrate the sexiest (and increasingly the most sexually weird), most disgusting and most unbelievable moments in film. And 2017 has excelled on all of those fronts, that's for certain.

Some moments this year were made to be enjoyed with the help of the pause button, if only so you could make sure they were definitely happening...

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