15 Movie Sequels That Will Definitely Be Announced In 2018

Bank on it.

Black Panther 2
Marvel Studios

Sequels are undeniably the bread and butter of Hollywood: if a movie is even remotely commercially successful, studios will be clambering to set the next movie up as soon as possible, reviews be-damned.

On one hand this can be indicative of perceived "creative stagnation" in the film industry, but on the other, there are countless great sequels released every year which either live up to or exceed their predecessors. It's not all doom and gloom.

Whatever camp these films ultimately fall into, they're absolutely, 100% going to happen sooner or later, and they're most probably going to be officially confirmed sometime during 2018.

From recent smash hit genre films to upcoming tentpoles primed to set the box office on fire and some more modest successes in-between, these sequels just make sense from a business perspective, to say nothing of their creative necessity.

Most of them are surely already in some form of development behind closed doors, and they'll definitely get the public rubber-stamp in the near-future...

15. Atomic Blonde 2

Atomic Blonde Charlize Theron
Focus Features

Predicted Release Date: November 2019

The Charlize Theron-starring action flick pulled in more than triple its $30 million price tag at the box office last summer, which makes it ripe for the franchise treatment, especially considering how many stories could be told within this framework with this protagonist.

With John Wick co-director David Leitch at the helm, at least one sequel seems like a given. John Wick got a sequel despite performing marginally worse at the box office than Atomic Blonde, so the numbers aren't a problem, and both Leitch and Theron are keen to get it going.

With discussions already ongoing, there's no reason why it won't get the official greenlight this year.


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