15 Predictions For 2018 Movies That Everybody Got Wrong

Nobody predicted the Soul Stone's real location.

Black Panther
Marvel Studios

As a film buff there's little more enjoyable than filling up on as many rumours and fan theories about your most anticipated upcoming movies as humanly possible.

Trying to figure out the plots to the most hotly-awaited superhero movies months before you actually see them can be a ton of fun, especially given some of the more creative and outlandish ideas the Internet comes up with.

But often even the most reasoned and persuasive rumours will turn out to be nothing but bunk. As formulaic and predictable as blockbuster movies can be, these 15 films laughed in the face of widely-circulated predictions and went in entirely opposite directions.

From characters avoiding death despite everything pointing to their demise, to expected cameos which cheekily never happened, to the unpredictable location of a certain glowing orange stone, cinema surprised film fans plenty in 2018.

Though some of these prediction-defying reveals were genuinely disappointing and deflating, for the most part they actually provided a welcome subversion of expectations while still serving up a worthwhile experience...


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