15 Scariest Stephen King Movie Moments

1. Down In The Archive - IT (2017)

It 2017 Ben
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That the scariest moment in Stephen King movie history comes as recently as the 2017 adaptation of It is testament to Andres Muschietti's masterful adaptation of King's iconic study in fear. And while the film's look at the Loser Club's coming-of-age story is the most effective element, the scares are solid and memorable and prove Muschietti's credentials as a great teller of scary stories.

His most provocative and scary moment comes when we see loner Ben in the library, researching the town's terrifying history as a hobby, and watch - in horror - as he's drawn down into the archive by a red balloon. We all know it's a bad mistake already, because the red balloon is already an indicator of fear by now, but the horror works precisely because Ben has no idea what he's marching towards.

He follows a trail of Easter Eggs until he's alone, and is then horrifyingly stalked by the headless, mangled body of one of the victims of a historical Easter disaster. And there's no call to jump - instead you're filled with the same freezing terror Ben is, glued to the spot and drained of your blood, and it's all so horribly compelling that you want to go and watch again.

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