15 Traumatising Moments From Children’s Movies That Scarred You For Life

How could you, Disney?

As children, most of us are completely enthralled by the movies. There is something majestic about looking up at the cinema screen and seeing a whole other world unfold before you. The movies afford you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild. People are a lot less critical as children, too. When you're a kid, the 'quality' of the film doesn't really matter at all. It's about the characters, situations and the experience. Indeed, as kids even the worst films seem like they're amazing and you find yourself fascinated by something that, were you older, you know you would scoff at. Hollywood is keenly aware of this audience and, if you look at the top grossing films from any given year, you will no doubt see many children's films appearing on those lists. In 2014 Guardians Of The Galaxy, Maleficent, Transformers: Age Of Extinctions and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were all on that list and all of these films were, to varying degrees, marketed towards children. Yes, films aimed at and designed for kids are big business in Hollywood. They're not always pleasant experiences for the tiny tots, however, and oftentimes there are moments in these films that are so traumatising that they induce nightmares. How many times have you been watching a film that was made for kids when, all of a sudden, something happens in it that makes you shiver in your seat? Refresh your memory with these fifteen traumatic moments from children's films.

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