15 Upcoming Movies You Had No Idea Were Happening

Johnny English 3... but why?

Johnny English 3

Though Hollywood has more visibility than ever before thanks to social media, be it official posts from actors and filmmakers or spy leaks fresh from the set, you'll still often hear that a movie has unexpectedly wrapped shooting before you even knew it was a sure thing.

While these 15 movies have all been discussed or expected at some juncture in the past, not a single one of them went into production with any significant fanfare at all. In the age of Marvel Studios tooting their horn every time one of their new superhero movies starts filming, it just seems incredibly strange not to make a big deal out of it.

Despite these movies being relatively high-profile sequels, remakes, dramas based on real events and even original projects from revered artists, they all flew into gear with barely a murmur, heard by only the most hardcore and devoted of fans.

Some of these films are practically done and will be with you before you know it, while others will require extensive post-production work, but each has essentially come out of nowhere and persevered itself into production, which given how hard it can be to get any movie made, is admirable in of itself...


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