15 Worst Characters In MCU Movies So Far

Asgard: home of the mighty and the disappointing.

Odin Thor
Marvel Studios

Over the past ten years, the MCU has introduced an incredible number of characters. We've seen literally hundreds of faces - some taken from the comics and some invented specifically for movies - with some going on to become the defining movie characters of a generation.

We've seen supposedly B-list superheroes like Iron Man and Ant-Man become main eventers and billion dollar draws, we've seen no-hopers like the Guardians Of The Galaxy stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them and we've seen bona-fide fan favourites like Spider-Man confirm they DO still have big-screen life in them.

But it hasn't all been success after success for MCU movie characters. There wouldn't be lingering doubts over every Marvel villain if there hadn't already been missteps, and we wouldn't cheer every positive female character if there hadn't already been poor ones. And nobody would have ever been concerned about Civil War or Infinity War having too many characters if there wasn't a precedent for under-nourished figures in ensembles already.

So the question is: which are the worst characters in the MCU so far? And were they solely limited to the poorer movies in the series?

Sadly, it does seem like the Thor franchise has a disproportionately big problem with characters...

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