16 Pirates Of The Caribbean Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Citizen Kane, d*ck jokes and rum. Savvy?


Who says you can't make money with pirate movies? Well, Geena Davis probably, but Johnny Depp and Disney have proved the unfortunate mess that was Cutthroat Island was something of an anomaly. Or at least that it didn't have to be the genre killer it seemed to be.

Having amassed an eye-watering amount of box office money over four films to date, it was inevitable that the franchise would continue into the mooted second trilogy. Whether Dead Men Tell No Tales manages to recapture the film-going world's love of Jack Sparrow remains to be confirmed, but there's clearly a lot of life left in Johnny Depp's swaggering, drunken pantomime act as Jack Sparrow.

But despite accusations that that is all Pirates Of The Caribbean is - a vehicle for a single irresistible performance - the franchise actually has a lot more substance to it. In the four films to date there have been numerous references to classic films, real-life pirate lore and school-yard penis jokes to suggest a lot of work went into the framework for Captain Jack Sparrow.

And some were so obscure that finding them might well have passed you by entirely...

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