16 WTF Moments From Fifty Shades Darker

That Vin Diesel "cameo"...

Universal & Unilever

Fifty Shades Darker is out now, long-awaited by fans of cringe cinema and bored middle-aged women the world over. It's a terrible movie, as you probably already know, but at least it's jam-packed full of hilarious, weird and downright dumb moments that make it nothing if not an extremely memorable experience.

A much stranger and, yes, darker, experience than the original movie, this sequel retains the same embarrassingly bad dialogue, wooden performances and tame sex scenes from the first, and bolsters it with some truly weird product placements, an abundance of decidedly un-sexy filler subplots, and of course, the inevitable sequel bait tease.

Whether viewers find it legitimately good or bad or some sort of ironic middle-ground, it's clear that the series is still doing gangbusters business with audiences, and even once next year's trilogy-capper is out, don't be surprised if Universal just reboots the franchise with a prequel or something. The gravy train won't stop anytime soon.

Save yourself two hours of your life and the price of a cinema ticket: here are 16 WTF moments from Fifty Shades Darker...


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