17 Biggest Guilty Pleasure Movies Of 2017

You know you love them.

Great Wall poster

Who doesn't love a hearty slice of cinematic trash every now and then? By definition a guilty pleasure movie is essentially a film that wasn't well-received by critics or general audiences, but has nevertheless found a niche for itself as dumb fun and nothing more.

2017 saw the release of countless joylessly awful films - The Snowman being perhaps the most egregious example - but for bad film aficionados and those who simply love cinematic cheese, there were also plenty of "bad" movies that were actually totally entertaining.

The majority of these films leave simple things like plot and characterisation at the door, doubling down on insane action and outlandish comedy - intentional or not - and in the process transforming into a whole other type of entertainment in the process.

If you're drunk, high, heavily medicated, hungover, really damn tired or just in the mood for glossy, frothy entertainment you don't need to think about, these 17 movies will do just the trick...


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