17 Moments That Will Define Upcoming MCU Movies

Planetary destruction, Giant Man and time travel?!

Thanos Xandar

We might be hurtling headlong towards the end of Phase 3 in just a matter of four movies (unless Marvel have some seriously secret plans cooking, that is), but we've been primed as a fanbase to expect something bigger, bolder and entirely different when Phase 4 kicks off in 2019 with Spider-Man 2. So you might be expecting something of a pause after the storm, but you won't get it.

Before Marvel moves into mysterious waters with all of the films that are so far unannounced (presumably to stop too many people working out the fate of each Avenger in Infinity War and its sequel), there are still some big moments to come. Obviously, Thanos looms large, but his story has an incredible number of moving parts and lots of twists to come, and that's without mentioning the two movies that come between the Avengers events.

And then, of course, we already have two confirmed movies for Phase 4, with Spider-Man and the Guardians Of The Galaxy both returning and the heavily-rumoured Black Widow movie. In other words, this might be an end, but there's still a lot going on for Marvel fans before and after Thanos breaks some heads.

More precisely, there are some scenes we can be certain are happening, already, and they offer a roadmap of excitement through the final few years of Phase 3 and beyond...

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