20 'Controversial' Movies Everyone Completely Over-Reacted To

A load of fuss over nothing.

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If there's one thing that raises a movie's profile and gets it a lot of attention, it's scandal and controversy. Some people even have a special interest in controversial cinema. So, weirdly enough, controversy can actually be beneficial to a movie's performance.

Unfortunately, seeking out films that offended the censors is often a pretty frustrating affair, since it is rare to find controversial films that actually live up to the hype.

Battle Royale, The Devils, The Birth of a Nation, Fahrenheit 9/11, Borat and Natural Born Killers are examples of controversial films that do live up the hype, but they're the minority. In some ways, it's fairly understandable that controversial films are often so disappointing.

In some cases it'll be a matter of the hype machine ramping expectations up too high, in others it'll be a matter of the film aging poorly. Whatever the reasons for a controversy are, it is better to watch the film for the actual film experience rather than because of any controversial reputation. You'll only end disappointed most of the time.

Society always looks for things to be offended by. In the following 20 cases, everyone got way too worked up over nothing.


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