20 Biggest Mistakes In The DCEU So Far

Why did they write that scene!?!?

Martha Batman V Superman
Warner Bros.

The DC Extended Universe has released four films to date, and it'd be kind to say that the response from fans and critics alike has been "mixed" to say the least. With only the recent Wonder Woman scoring decent acclaim, it's clear that the franchise has made its share of creative mistakes up to this point.

From major tonal issues to executive fiddling, horrible stylistic choices and, well, almost every major creative decision in Batman v Superman, the path to the DCEU's potential turnaround is paved with head-smackingly terrible decisions that naturally left fans feeling anxious about the whole universe.

Fingers crossed that the worst seems to very much be over now, but fans aren't soon going to forget how they've been repeatedly and thoroughly burned by Warner Bros, and it's only that much more painful when compared to the solid success the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been enjoying over the last decade...


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