20 Easter Eggs In Spider-Man Films You Didn't Notice

1. Flash Thompson Cameo At Harry's Funeral (Spider-Man 3)

One of the more interesting cameos in the Spider-Man franchise to date occurs at the end of Spider-Man 3. During Harry's funeral, we see Mary-Jane paying her respects, and who happens to be behind her but her former flame Flash Thompson, the punk kid who Peter accidentally beat up in the first Spider-Man movie when discovering his superpowers (played inexplicably by an unbelievably young, clean-shaved Joe Manganiello). Flash's brief appearance is silent and fleeting, but a fun call-back to the original movie, especially considering Flash's antagonism towards both Peter and Harry then, and how that appears to have changed for the better now. Nothing needs to be said. Did we miss any awesome easter eggs from the Spider-Man movies? Let us know in the comments!
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