20 Great Disney Songs You Never Got To Hear

Not every cut is deserved.

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Everyone has their favourite Disney songs, and it is no accident that Disney compilations sell in their droves every time they're released, but those collections are only part of the story. At the development stages of each Disney, plot details are cut and storylines abandoned, and part of that process can mean that songs are also edited out, stealing them away from fans before they get to hear them.

This is where that changes, as we run through twenty songs that didn't make the final cut. Some were cut for running time, others were included and subsequently dropped, and some never made it beyond the demo stage €“ but every one of the songs included in this article deserve for one reason of another to be revisited and enjoyed by Disney fans around the world.

20. To Be King -€“ The Lion King

Originally Mufasa had a song, which never made it into any version of the film €“ perhaps because it sits so jarringly not only with Mufasa's character, but also Zazu's, who effectively changes his stance entirely on his countering to Simba's lines in €œJust Can't Wait To Be King.€

In all honesty, Zazu's refrains in that song €“ which is a superior composition €“ render this song redundant anyway, and it feels a lot more appropriate to have Zazu trying to teach Simba the lesson, rather than his father.

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