20 Hilarious Amazon Reviews Of 2017’s Biggest Movies

The alternative view of 2017's crop...

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Amazon

Regardless of some crushing low-points, 2017 wasn't entirely irredeemable for film fans: we had successes as varied as the likes of Get Out, Lady Bird, Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok. It was another year defined by the pull of billion dollar movies, franchises and sequels and while that's bound to upset people, it's those pillars that keep cinemas open for the smaller, more unique releases.

And at least the inevitable divided reaction to those releases breeds some stunning, hilarious and just plain unhinged reviews from people in the real world. Forget turning to Rotten Tomatoes or the "trades" - the best place to find real reviews and the wild ravings of terrifyingly angry people is Amazon, where those who purchase can vent or celebrate in delightfully unfiltered fashion.

And boy do they enjoy that privilege.

The Amazon reviews community often see things differently, and their hot takes on last year's biggest films sometimes have to be seen to be believed...

20. Get Out

Get Out Amazon

How exactly do you miss the fact that Get Out was a horror film? Sure, it wasn't a gore-fest or particularly heavy on jump scares but it certainly qualified (and minimising its relevance to the genre felt like another disservice to horror).

And it's not like the trailer suggested anything else...

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